How Kids and Teens Can Support St. Vincent de Paul

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It’s so important to teach kids at a young age the values of love, compassion and mercy. At St. Vincent de Paul, we want to give people of all ages the opportunity to grow closer to Christ by serving our Neighbors in Need. While a home visit as a Vincentian may be some years away, there are a variety of other ways young people can get involved with the mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. There’s no better place to start a journey of service and a relationship with Christ than St. Vincent de Paul.


1. Start a Lemonade Stand

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Kids can donate the proceeds from a lemonade stand to St. Vincent de Paul. No one can resist a kid at a lemonade stand! Make sure to tell the customers their money will towards programs that help St. Louis citizens in need of clothing, food, shelter, transportation and utilities.


2. Volunteer at Our Thrift Stores

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We know teens are always looking for service projects for school. St. Vincent de Paul is the perfect place to volunteer. Our thrift stores always need help with things like sorting, organizing, straightening and cleaning. At St. Vincent de Paul, volunteering will support our programs that serve the needy and suffering. Fill out a volunteer application here.


3. Donate to a Food Drive

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Parishes often host food drives to help our Neighbors, especially around the holidays. Families can donate canned goods to a food drive either after Mass or one organized by their school.


4. Shovel Driveways in the Winter/Mow Lawns in the Summer

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Similar to the lemonade stand, proceeds from mowing lawns and shoveling driveways can be donated to St. Vincent de Paul. Kids will gain work experience and ethic before being old enough to get a job! Additionally, shoveling driveways and mowing lawns would be a huge help to the neighbors.


5. Donate to Our Thrift Stores

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Clean out closets and toy rooms. Young people are growing all the time, so most of their stuff is probably old news by now. And remember, a donation could make all the difference for a Neighbor in Need. Find which one of our nine St. Louis locations is closest to you here

September 19, 2019 - 8:38am

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