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Helping Neighbors Starts at Home


October 2017

Margie has never received help before.

But the single mother of a teenager broke her ankle last month and has had to stay off it, which means she could not work. She is hoping to get the doctor’s release next month to return to work, but bills are due now, including her rent.

Her employer is holding her job for her and your help in paying her rent this month allowed her to focus on healing that foot and keeping her family current with the bills.

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September 2017

The Murrays can.

When there was a power surge in their trailer, they lost several appliances, two air conditioner units and an electric 40-gallon hot water heater. They were current on all their bills, but this unexpected expense had the capacity of pushing them and their three children into poverty. Because of you and the work of SVDP, we were able to have a plumber install the hot water heater and we provided the Murray’s with two new air conditioners and they no longer had to worry about how they would afford the appliances they needed....

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August 2017 

Simone, her husband, and 3 young children were living in a homeless shelter until they began working with St. Patrick’s Center, a Catholic Charities organization that helps with homelessness. St. Patrick Center placed the family in a small home in Breckenridge Hills, but the family had no furniture.

St. Patrick’s Center reached out to the Society. We connected them with the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Conference, which funded $1400 worth of vouchers to our thrift sores. They shopped at our St. Ann Store, where employees also put together a...

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July 2017 

Linda Gerber has seen a lot over her 30 year as a landlord. But she’s never seen the kind of generosity you have shown her tenant, Nikki.

Nikki was born and raised in Festus, went to Catholic school, got married, had two children. Then her husband became a drug addict.

Nikki made the decision to leave her husband. She got a new job, an apartment and an associate’s degree. Life was turning around for her.

Then Nikki got sick. An infection caused her to miss weeks of work, and she eventually lost her job. About that time, she...

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July 2017 

Ralph had worked at a local aluminum company for nearly two decades. But melting aluminum caused him to lose lung capacity. When the symptoms became too much to bear, he saw a doctor who told him he could no longer work at his job if he wanted to survive.  

The Society helped Ralph keep his house while he works on getting a settlement from his employer. Without that boost, Ralph would be without a home, without a job and without hope. Your generosity showed him that working hard is still recognized, and that our reward comes from...

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June 2017

That’s what happened to Grace. Her parents had been married for 15 years. One day, her mother wanted out of the marriage and told her and her father they were no longer allowed to live in the home they rented. Grace’s father found a trailer to rent, but needed first and last month’s rent. Until your gift, they were living in her dad’s truck.

You have helped Grace have a home. This child, who had no voice in any of the decisions made by her parents, now has a place to shower, to eat and to do her homework. You were the adult who was there for her...

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May 2017

Imagine living in a home with 4 children and no running water. That was Jerry and Denise’s reality. Because of an unexpected expense, they fell behind on their water bill. And, to make matters worse, since the water bill had not been paid, they were facing eviction. You came to the rescue. Jerry and Denise’s water is restored and they can now concentrate on being a family and raising their children rather than on facing homelessness.

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April 2017

This month, we received a note from Dan, who lives in Dittmer:

Friday, March 10th, 2017, I drove home a 2007 Honda Fit which was provided for me by the Grace of God through the love of all of you. I felt that I didn't deserve such a gift. God told me if that were true then I would not have it. The love of the Lord is changing me from within. The process of this change is motivating me to help others however I am able, and to love people as Jesus loves me. I am very grateful for the vehicle. It will play an important role in my life...

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March 2017 

Brandi has two of the cutest little girls you will ever meet: three-year-old Danielle and two-year-old Sarah. Last year, Brandi and the girls were living in an apartment that became infested with rats and mice, and the landlord stopped paying for the utilities. “I had to protect my children,” Brandi remembers. “We had to get out of there.”

She found an apartment in South St. Louis but when she went to get her furniture out of storage, some of it had been infested with bugs. She and her daughters were in a safer place and the house was...

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March 2017

On a January night 46 years ago, Phyllis walked into a bar in the Central West End and met a guy named Bob. He told her that night that he would marry her. Phyllis had a feeling he was right. Five months later, they were engaged.

On the afternoon of their November wedding, Bob got into a car accident with his mother in the car. They were injured but still made it to the 7 p.m. wedding for a marriage that would last 45 years.

Phyllis was raised Catholic, and Bob made the decision to convert to Catholicism when he was 50 years old, after...

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At the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Archdiocesan Council of St. Louis, we believe that Helping neighbors starts at home. When people need help, we’ll be there. We serve everyone in need. Period.

The Society’s unique model of person-to-person service offers a dual benefit: the poor and suffering feel the love and compassion of humanity along with the assistance they receive. And the volunteer, witnessing the challenges of the less fortunate and their strength to persevere, is inspired to greater involvement and spiritual growth.