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A Concerned Principal Calls for Help

December 2, 2015

Single mother Sasha’s first priority was to keep her teenage daughter Tara in a good school. Even after her work hours were cut, she did everything she could to pay the private school tuition. Soon she fell behind on rent and got evicted. Sasha and Tara lost everything and were forced to move in with Sasha’s sister and her three children. Sasha’s sister had trouble making ends meet to begin with, and Sasha and Tara added to the financial strain. 

One day, Tara’s principal overheard Tara talking to a classmate about how there were no beds in her aunt’s home, and it was hard for her to focus in class because she got little sleep at night on the floor. Moved with pity, the principal contacted the family’s local SVDP conference at Our Lady of the Rosary parish. Vincentians provided beds for the entire household and are now working with Sasha to pay outstanding bills. Tara now comes to school refreshed and ready to learn and is on track to graduate this spring. 

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