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Helping Neighbors Starts at Home

Do You Believe in Miracles?

July 2017 

Linda Gerber has seen a lot over her 30 year as a landlord. But she’s never seen the kind of generosity you have shown her tenant, Nikki.

Nikki was born and raised in Festus, went to Catholic school, got married, had two children. Then her husband became a drug addict.

Nikki made the decision to leave her husband. She got a new job, an apartment and an associate’s degree. Life was turning around for her.

Then Nikki got sick. An infection caused her to miss weeks of work, and she eventually lost her job. About that time, she became a victim of identity fraud. She got behind in her rent,
something she had never done in her life. Ever. And she was scared. “I called my landlord Linda and I told her what was going on. I told her I was going to find some help and asked her to
hang in there with me. And I told her I was going to pray hard.”

And she did. She prayed Psalm 91, which reads: “‘Because he loves me,’ says the Lord, ‘I will rescue him; I will protect him.’”

And you were the answers to Nikki’s prayers through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. You helped her make a few rent payments until she received her next paycheck. You helped pay for food. And you kept her from spiraling into poverty.

“I have a higher power. I have seen the miracles in the things that I do. God works for me all the time, right on time. I have faith and God rescued
me through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and their volunteers made my life full of thankfulness, gratefulness, and faithfulness.”

Linda, Nikki’s landlord, thanks you too. She sees the hope and positive self-esteem that comes with removing the threat of eviction. “I was absolutely shocked at how much rent you paid on her. We have been doing rentals for about 30 years now and the most I have ever seen come from any organization has been about two weeks rent. I told Nikki, ‘You have no idea how lucky you are’.”

We agree. We are so blessed to know you and share with you the commitment to help our neighbors in need.

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