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Helping Neighbors Starts at Home


May 13, 2016

The Flood Disaster Response Collaboration was recognized as a What’s Right with the Region honoree Friday at an awards ceremony May 13 hosted by FOCUS St. Louis. As part of the Flood Disaster Response Collaboration, Vincentian volunteers served alongside Catholic Charities St. Louis, American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter, United Way of Greater St. Louis, Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri, and others to provide emergency relief to our neighbors displaced by the Missouri floods.  

To learn more about the...

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January 20, 2016

Last month, hundreds of St. Louisans in Valley Park, Fenton, Eureka, Arnold, St. Charles, and Jefferson and Franklin counties were suddenly forced from their homes by floods, returning to find everything—their homes, their possessions, their memories—washed away.

Thankfully, Vincentian volunteers are there—and will continue to be there—to help them rebuild.

As second responders after disasters such as floods, Vincentians help victims build new lives after the first responders’ ...

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April 2, 2016

After divorcing her abusive husband, it took Elle a little while to get back on her feet. Thankfully, she had a good job and soon found a decent apartment for her and her two sons (ages three and nine). 

All that changed when Elle stopped receiving child support. Soon she fell behind on rent and utility bills and came home to an eviction notice on her door. All at once, the security Elle had worked to provide for her sons after the traumatic divorce was in jeopardy. They had nowhere to turn, and Elle worried they would end up on the...

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February 22, 2015

When Pam’s home was condemned, she and her six-year-old daughter had to flee quickly. They stayed with Pam’s mother for several days while Pam found a new apartment for her and her daughter.

Pam returned to their old home to find that their landlord had thrown all of their furniture and belongings on the street, and their mattresses had been stolen. Having used up her savings to pay the first and last month’s rent for the new apartment, Pam could not afford new beds for her and her daughter. They slept on old coats on the floor until...

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December 2, 2015

Single mother Sasha’s first priority was to keep her teenage daughter Tara in a good school. Even after her work hours were cut, she did everything she could to pay the private school tuition. Soon she fell behind on rent and got evicted. Sasha and Tara lost everything and were forced to move in with Sasha’s sister and her three children. Sasha’s sister had trouble making ends meet to begin with, and Sasha and Tara added to the financial strain. 

One day, Tara’s principal overheard Tara talking to a classmate about how there were no...

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November 10, 2015

Vincentians from St. Stephen Protomartyr conference first visited disabled veteran Jeff to deliver some food. When they entered Jeff’s small home, they found out Jeff lived exclusively in his living room—in fact, he had hung up area rugs to cover the doorways leading out of the room. Jeff explained that since he only lived on disability payments, he couldn’t afford to run his heater or air conditioner, and the area rugs kept the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. He rarely, if ever, could use the other rooms in his home.


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October 23, 2015

When 72-year-old Julia’s daughter died, Julia’s life turned upside down. She ached after the loss of her daughter, but she ached even more for her four young grandchildren, who suddenly had nowhere to go.

Julia brought her grandchildren, ages 12, 10, 7 and 3, into her home and had to make do with what she had, trying to help the children feel at home after such a traumatic loss. But living only on Social Security, Julia could not afford beds for each child. She gave up her own bed for the two youngest, while she and the others slept on the...

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September 6, 2015

Imagine finishing up your first day of school without a home to return to: No kitchen table to sit around with your family, no place to get ready for bed, nowhere to rest up before the next school day.

Eight-year-old Jill was at risk of experiencing this as her first day of second grade approached. Her mother Elizabeth had lost her job in May and quickly fell behind on rent and utility bills, which eventually totaled more than $2,300. A single mother, Elizabeth had no other source of income and nowhere else to go. They received an eviction...

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August 2, 2015

Last month, Vincentian volunteers from North County received the following heart-felt thank you note from seven-year-old Jessica, who was blessed with a bed of her own through the Society’s Beds for Our Neighbors in Need program: 

Your gift empowers Vincentians all over St. Louis to touch the lives of children, adults and families in need every day. Often, the people who benefit from our help, like...

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July 14, 2015

Months after losing her husband to cancer, Jenni suffered another major blow: Her air conditioner broke down and needed major repairs. Without her husband’s income, Jenni barely had enough to make ends meet, let alone pay $2,000 to have her air conditioner fixed.

As summer—and Jenni’s tiny apartment—began to heat up, Jenni’s life was at risk. The oppressive heat and humidity made her COPD worsen by the day, making her cough, wheeze and feel weak. Vincentian volunteers in her neighborhood came to her aid on the hottest day of the year, covering...

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At the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Archdiocesan Council of St. Louis, we believe that Helping neighbors starts at home. When people need help, we’ll be there. We serve everyone in need. Period.

The Society’s unique model of person-to-person service offers a dual benefit: the poor and suffering feel the love and compassion of humanity along with the assistance they receive. And the volunteer, witnessing the challenges of the less fortunate and their strength to persevere, is inspired to greater involvement and spiritual growth.