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Helping Neighbors Starts at Home

Feed and Clothe

Food Pantries

The hallmark of the Society is the home visit, and Vincentians deliver food to the homebound throughout the region. In addition, many of the Society’s 143 conferences (chapters) operate food pantries. Contributions come from parish, school, and workplace food drives; girl scout/boy scout collections; and direct donations from local supermarkets..

Thrift Stores

Our thrift stores offer new and lightly used clothing, furniture, home furnishings and household goods at affordable prices. For low-income families who still cannot afford the items they need, Vincentian volunteers provide vouchers redeemable for merchandise. In 2015, the Society collected more than $7 million in in-kind goods for people in need. Proceeds from the stores benefit our year-round outreach programs. 

Mattress Program

Time and time again, Vincentians encounter individuals and families forced to flee their homes—often due to domestic violence, eviction or some other emergency—who could bring nothing with them, not even their own beds. Vincentians also use vouchers to purchase mattress sets for people who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor, or on beds that are unsanitary or inadequate. The Society partners with a trusted vendor to provide remanufactured mattresses (which include recycled innersprings but all new other components) to our thrift stores at reduced prices so Vincentians can provide mattresses to clients at no cost to them. 

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me.
– Matthew 25:35.