How Your Donations to St. Vincent de Paul Help Your Neighbors in Need

It’s natural to feel weary about donating to charity. Unfortunately, we often hear stories of corporate greed and mishandling of donations. At the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of how our Society works and where your donations go, so you can feel at peace when you donate to St. Vincent de Paul.


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Our Conferences go out into their communities to serve those in need. People who need help are directed to the Conference that serves their area. They talk and meet with Vincentian volunteers who discuss their needs and how to move forward. There are currently 140 Conferences throughout the St. Louis region.

Vincentians will schedule a home visit where they are invited into the homes of people who are in need. Vincentians form connections and relationships so they can fully understand the situation, grow as people and grow in their faith.

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Vincentians will then determine how to address their Neighbor’s needs. This is how your donations directly help those in need and come in a variety of forms:

  • Thrift store vouchers
  • Food pantries
  • Utility assistance
  • Prescription assistance
  • Disaster relief
  • Housing assistance
  • Transportation


Thrift Store Vouchers

If a Neighbor needs something that can be found at our thrift stores, the Vincentian will write a voucher which can be exchanged for those specific needs. This can include anything from clothes to an entire bed set.

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Food pantries

Vincentians can direct their Neighbors to local food pantries if they need food and otherwise are not able to acquire any.

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Utility and housing assistance

St. Vincent de Paul will help with bills and repairs for those who need help maintaining a safe and quality place to live. Some effects of requiring utility and housing help are being without water, extreme heat/cold and homelessness.

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Prescription assistance

Many people rely on prescription medications in order to live happy and healthy lives. Inability to afford necessary medications can be caused by a variety of situations. SVdP partners with Castia Rx so people don’t have to worry about living without live-saving prescriptions.

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Disaster relief

St. Louis is no stranger to natural disasters. Most recently, many of our Neighbors were affected by flooding. SVdP works with the American Red Cross of Eastern Missouri to help disaster victims. Vincentians act as “second-responders,” helping victims get their lives back on track after suffering from natural disasters.

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Transportation assistance

Transportation assistance helps break a cycle people find themselves stuck in. While someone might be able to get a job, they can’t keep it because they don’t have reliable transportation to get there. St. Vincent de Paul will either offer a donated car or provide necessary repairs for a person’s current vehicle.

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In addition, remember that your thrift store purchases will also help your Neighbors in Need through these programs. Our thrift stores work closely with the Conferences in their areas and are an important part in providing relief and developing connections with our Neighbors in Need.


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April 21, 2020 - 11:19am
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