Baby Gordon's Health Crisis

Sandy and Samuel's precious baby, Gordon, faced a sudden health crisis that plunged their world into turmoil. Little Gordon required urgent surgery, confining him to the hospital for two weeks.

As this painful dilemma unfolded – with one parent dedicatedly at Gordon's bedside, the other found themselves needing to attend to their two other children.

The toll on the family was compounded by the harsh reality that neither parent could work during this time, leaving them with financial strain.

Your compassionate donations became the lifeline that allowed Sandy and Samuel to keep their family afloat, providing for their needs until they could resume work and regain their steady income.

Thank you for supporting SVdP so that we can continue to reach out to Neighbors in Need, turning despair into hope every day.

*names are changed for the family’s privacy

February 7, 2024 - 9:10am
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