How Your Donation to SVdP Will Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has received two kinds of calls:

  1. I need help during this crisis
  2. I want to help during this crisis


It's a beautiful thing that while our Neighbors need help more than ever, our community wants to give help more than ever. Unfortunately, because of safety measures, our Vincentians cannot perform one-on-one visits with our Neighbors in Need and our thrift stores are temporarily closed. However, that doesn't mean we've stopped giving aid.

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Those who want to help are at a loss of what to do. The solution is with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Your donation to SVdP will immediately be put to work in the community. People who have lost their income due to COVID-19 are in desperate need of your help. Here's how your donation could support them:



SVdP is still running many of our food pantries (while practicing social distancing) and has contacts with many others. Your donation could give a meal to a family in need. During the week of April 5, 2020, $152,000 in food vouchers and gift cards were distributed to SVdP Districts.

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Our Neighbors are suffering financially due to layoffs. Many companies are being generous and waiving bills and fees for short periods of time. But this is not the case with everyone. Neighbors are turning to St. Vincent de Paul for help and your contribution could be what keeps their lights on.

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Like other bills, many landlords are waiving rent for a certain amount of time. However, their tenants are still without jobs. What they need are assistance and the assurance that their families won't lose their homes.




Prescription assistance is a program at SVdP that needs your help more than ever. On top of supplying our Neighbors in Need with life-saving medications, you'll help keep them out of hospitals that are dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

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May 5, 2020 - 11:10am

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