Last Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Buy at SVdP Thrift Stores

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If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift (or haven’t even started shopping yet), fear not! St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores are here!


Our thrift stores are full of last-minute Christmas gifts for everyone. Here are just 9 things you can find at any of our nine St. Louis locations.


1. Mugs


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One can never have too many coffee mugs.


2. DVDs


Img 3299


For those of us who still own DVD players, DVDs are perfect for your favorite movies you forgot existed (because they aren’t on streaming services).


3. Books


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SVdP thrift stores have an endless supply of books. Novels, coffee table books, children’s books, cheesy romances your aunt loves, it’s all there!


5. Wall Art


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The amount of wall art you’ll find at a thrift store is surprising. Give your loved one a nice piece to compliment their living room or a random family’s portrait. The options are endless.


6. Picture Frame


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You can put a photo of you and the recipient in the frame, or just give them a picture of yourself. Truly, a gift from the heart.


7. Christmas décor


Dellwood Display


Why not start thinking about next year?


8. Featured Items


Throw Blanket 1


SVdP thrift stores receive a special inventory for Christmas each year. Some of our items this year include a 5-piece bakeware set, a 7-piece cookware set and throw blankets (a holiday classic, if you ask me).


9. SVdP Gift Cards




Nothing says “I love you” more than “I’m giving you the option to pick out your own present.”

January 28, 2020 - 9:40am

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